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  • Date of Application:
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Please provide answers to all the following questions:

1. Describe your work, internship and educational background or provide a résumé.

2. Explain your interest in agriculture and how it will fit into your future plans.

3. What do you want to get out of working here?

4. Tell us about the most physically and mentally demanding job you’ve ever done. Would you do it again?

5. Include the names, addresses and phone numbers for past employers, internship supervisors and educators.

6. During what dates are you interested in working?

7. Are there specific logistical needs that you have that would influence your decision to work here?

8. What are your pastime activities?

9. Are you physically fit? Do you practice a physical workout routine?

10. Do you have any health or fitness considerations (i.e chronic symptoms, back problems, allergies, asthma, vision…)?

11. Describe your diet. Are you a coffee drinker? smoker? alcohol?

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