Farmers Market

The Anchorage Farmers Market is open
May 6 through October 14, 2017!




Beets – red and golden

Brussels sprouts

Cabbage – green and red


Chard – rainbow


Greens mix

Herbs – basil

Kale – green, red, Red Russian, and Toscano

Kohlrabi – giant heirloom


Parsley – curly and Italian

Peppers – red and green bell

Potatoes – Yukon Gold, German Butterball, Magic Myrna, Yellow Finn, Desirée pink, Pimpernel (loose and in 5 lb. & 10 lb. bags)



Tomatoes – red, Sun Gold cherry, and green

Turnips – Snow Apple and Purple Top


early hanging baskets

Email Notices

We send out email notices periodically listing the vegetables we have available and their cost. Subscribe to our weekly email list by clicking here. (In summer, we use the winter special order email list to notify you of summer offerings at markets.)

For Gardeners:

(May 1 – June 15)

Vegetable and flower seedlings — varieties are well-suited to Alaskan growing conditions, i.e. long hours of daylight, northern soils, and the short growing season ($3.00 per cell pack, or $33.00 per any 12 cell packs).

Hanging baskets ($35.00-$40.00)

tomato plants

Tomato plants – many Siberian types bred for growing outdoors in the far north, and classic greenhouse types as well – 2′-3′ plant in gallon pots ($16.00).

Fertilizer blends (2.50 per lb.), Fish bone meal ($2.00 per lb.).


Anchorage Farmers Market

Location: 15th & Cordova in the Central Lutheran Church parking lot

Hours: Saturdays 9:00am – 2:00pm
Duration: May 6 to October 14

Visit the “Greens Gallery” to see lovely watercolors by Jocelyn Paine of some of the more unusual vegetables we offer!