broccoli raab

garlic whistles

brussel sprout top

pac choi

chinese cabbage

red and green dandelion

tat soi

hon tsai tai


red and green mustard

Artist Bio: Jocelyn Paine

"When we first started getting Arctic Organics vegetables in 1996, I couldn’t identify all the varieties. The descriptions Sarah supplied helped, but one oval leaf with serrations sort of seemed like another. We became hosts at the 14th and I Street delivery location in 1998, and I got to know the vegetables much better, but I would get questions from new members about what was what (and how to cook it!). I began to think of this illustration project five years ago and it percolated, I delayed, got distracted--you know how that goes!

Finally, last summer, I gave myself the assignment of illustrating the more exotic and unfamiliar offerings from the farm. Sarah would pick out examples as they came in season each Saturday, find the prettiest plants, and bring them to the Farmer’s Market on 15th Avenue and Cordova, carefully wrapped to stay fresh. I would spend part of Sunday painting. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful art teacher when I first studied chalks and acrylics, Frank Covino, but I’d never done watercolors. I learned as I drew, making up techniques and experimenting, which is, for me, the most fun about art. I am pleased to share the results with you." ~ Jocelyn Paine